Modern Premium

Modern Premium

Modern Premium : We exist to enhance the people’s lives

Brand Manifesto

We exist to enhance people’s lives.
Because we believe that life’s most remarkable moments and experiences
Weren’t meant for a select few, but for all.

We think beyond product and technology to create meaningful experiences.
By challenging the standards of design and workmanship,
Leading a new era of customer care,
And rethinking the future of mobility.

Looking forward,
We believe in a world where mobility will enhance life
And will be defined by people, for people.
With our unyielding can-do spirit,
We will be steadfast in pursuit of this vision,
For we do not seek to satisfy the few,
But to be loved by many.

Brand Manifesto

Brand Essence

We believe in a world where mobility will enhance life and will be defined by the people, for the people.

Brand Essence


Simplifying what’s complicated, while focusing on the most important necessities. Modern Premium is all about realizing the values and experiences that meet customer needs in a simpler but more perfect manner, and seeking to use them in a more simplified and convenient way.



For change and innovation that best provides the most important necessities. The creative thinking that Modern Premium seeks is about providing actual benefits to the customer while addressing their needs in the smartest and most efficient way.



Cars that care for the driver with heightened reliability, a safer environment, and emotional value. The care that is reflected in Hyundai Motor’s Modern Premium delivers our concern and consideration through emotional values.

A New Brand Identity for Hyundai Truck & Bus

Hyundai Truck & Bus, which has long been an industry leader in Korea, has recently updated its brand, with
a new slogan and brand identity, making 2018 an exciting new beginning. Great effort was made to convey
Hyundai Motor Company’s dedication to ensuring the future success of our customers through strong teamwork
and collaboration within Hyundai Motor Company and with customers.


Brand Slogan

Hyundai Motor Company CV Division strives to become indispensable; to understand customers
and their business needs. Our customers are the CEOs of businesses big and small and we aim to go
beyond being just a provider of vehicles. We will work side by side with our hard-working customers
and help them achieve their business goals. Hyundai Motor Company CV Division will grow its
business by creating synergy with our customers and helping them grow.

Partner in Every Way“A true partner in all aspects of your business, in every way you go”

The Five Brand Design Elements

The five key assets that define the Hyundai Truck & Bus identity are the logo, typography, color,
image style and graphic system. These design elements will be employed across the full range of
marketing materials; digital designs, web banners, catalogues, forms and products, vehicle graphics
and merchandise, in order to build a strong brand identity.

Hyundai Motor Company CV Division is striving to improve communication with customers and
to make it more meaningful. As a first step a more innovative brand identity,
optimized for more effective customer communication, was developed.
The new brand identity aims to strengthen Hyundai Truck & Bus brand image and to make it more
authentic and dynamic. Effort was also made to convey a sense of trust and innovation.

1. Logo

All Hyundai TRUCK & BUS marketing communication uses the
2-D logo, which consists of a symbol and
a wordmark. Both elements are presented together as a lockup.
The vertical version is preferred.

brand logo

2. Typography

In general, the typeface Hyundai Sans should be used for
all Hyundai Truck & Bus applications. Our corporate typeface is a tangible,
recognizable signature of our company the world over.
It is one of the most important touchpoints across our brand design landscape.
The font color should be either black or white.

brand typography

3. Color

The distinctive, harmonious color palette of Hyundai Truck & Bus are as follows.

  • Commercial Blue
    The Commercial Blue is inspired by denim jeans. The faded denim hue of Commercial Blue expresses our dedication and dynamic energy in pursuing innovation and caring for the customer.
    RGB 53/114/159
    CMYK 80/50/22/0
  • Hyundai Light Sand
    Hyundai Light Sand is mainly used as the background color for Hyundai Truck & Bus brand design.
    RGB 246/243/242
    CMYK 2/3/4/4
  • Hyundai Blue
    Hyundai Blue is symbolic of the Hyundai brand and reserved for the brand logo.
    RGB 0/44/95
    CMYK 100/75/10/40
  • White


4. Image Styling

The bold and vibrant new image style of Hyundai Truck & Bus delivers the dynamic energy felt on-site to everyday life.

  • Image Styling1
  • Image Styling2
  • Image Styling3
  • Image Styling4

5. Graphic System

Our two-layer story and stage graphic system open a window into the everyday
lives of our customers. Minimalist in approach yet generous in impact,
the layers combine compelling narratives with rich, immersive experiences.
Bold brand message and content gives the brand a strong, and confident
appearance. We use direct speech for brand voice to deliver the progressive
spirit of Hyundai Truck & Bus.

brand graphic system
  1. 1Stage layer
  2. 2Message
  3. 3Story layer