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Better City

ELEC CITY Full Cell is the beginning
of future mobility
that offers a new
energy experience to suit the pleasant
urban environment.
pollutant emission to air purification…

Experience the future of
mobility right next to you.



New Energy

ELEC CITY Fuel Cell can run up to 474km through one recharge based on Seoul Mode (Based on constant speed driving)

The vehicle is equipped with a self-developed 180kW fuel cell system, 845ℓ hydrogen tank capacity largest in its segment and the economical battery of 78.4kWh, making it appropriate for routes with frequent traffic delays, long distance driving or hill section with high electricity consumption rate. When driven at a constant speed, the vehicle can travel up to 474km with a single recharge based on Seoul mode. Also, quality was secured and operation efficiency was reinforced through the application of a new ZF central motor.

[Hydrogen Tank Capacity : 845ℓ (169ℓ x 5)]

ELEC CITY Hydrogen Fuel Cell System

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    Battery (Economic Model)

    Saves generated electricity Acts as a support when driving (Uses battery electricity when released)

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    Hydrogen Tank

    Saves charged hydrogen and supplies it to the fuel cell

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    Fuel Cell (Stack)

    Uses the chemical reaction between the charged hydrogen and fuel cell membrane to create electricity for driving

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    ZF 센트럴 모터

    ZF Central Motor

Principle of Energy Creation

Fuel Cell System Driven
by Self-generating Electricity with
(Minimizes Power Loss)

Applied fuel cell system driven by creating electricity through the chemical reaction generated by combining saved hydrogen and oxygen in the air. Also, outstanding power performance and safety of hydrogen tank was secured through test driving, hydrogen tank dropping impact test, room temperature ambient cycling test, extreme temperature cycling test, flame test and shooting test.

Power Flow Chart

  • Hydrogen Charger supply
  • Hydrogen tank development
  • Fuel cell driving
  • Central Motor

Air purification

One vehicle purifies air
for 160 adults per hour

160 adults

Purifying Air On Top of
ZERO Emission

A hydrogen-powered bus operates on the electricity generated when compressed hydrogen is fused with oxygen. The high-performance air purifier of the vehicle enables the emission of solely clean water and air. When one hydrogen-powered bus operates 85km per hour, 100.3kg of air is purified, which is equivalent to the amount of fresh air 160 adults consume in an hour.

*An adult who weighs 64kg requires 0.63kg of air for respiration per hour (WHO, World Health Organization)

Design & Safety

Unique Exterior
Edge Safety

ELEC CITY Fuel Cell that expresses the
character and purity of environment-friendly
bus through its unique exterior offers
a new
mobility experience through noise and
vibration-minimized driving and cutting-
edge safety specifications such as
VDC and
virtual engine sound.