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hydrogen economy

In the past, the hydrogen economy was about the infinite potential of the utilization of hydrogen, but the meaning gradually became more specific with the
development of technology. Now, the hydrogen economy refers to an economic system that produces hydrogen with renewable energy and uses hydrogen and
electricity as the main methods of energy distribution across all areas of energy supply and demand.

Understanding the
Hydrogen Economy

A Future Without Greenhouse Gas Emission in 2030

Stories About Fuel Cell

Leading the Future

A Suburban Case Study

Switzerland Invest in Hydrogen Power

Growing a Hydrogen Economy

‘FCEV Vision 2030’,
Toward a Hydrogen Society

Hyundai Motor Company has strengthened technological leadership by developing core technologies for FCEV and launching new products.
Hyundai also announced the “FCEV Vision 2030” that aims to establish an annual production system of 500,000 FCEVs and is
working on securing a leading position in the FCEV market.

Hyundai’s FCEV
Production Plan

Hyundai Motor Group will lead the ‘Hydrogen Society’, where hydrogen is the main energy,
as the first mover of the upcomming new industry called the hydrogen economy.

EUISUN CHUNG / Chairman, Hyundai Motor Group

H. A single letter

Hyundai has taken another big step toward a ‘Hydrogen Society’ by the world’s 1st mass-produced eco-friendly zero-emissions
hydrogen-powered heavy duty truck, XCIENT for the benefit of both mankind and the environment.

Meet our new paradigm brought forth by hydrogen energy.

In a hydrogen society, the FCEV holds greater significance than as a mere environment-friendly means of transportation.

Hydrogen fuel cell can serve as the standard to judge technological prowess because it requires reliable performance, robust durability and high power due to the nature of FCEVs.

Furthermore, the growth of the FECV will play an important role of stimulating mutual growth along with related industries such as energy, steel, chemistry and new materials.

In 2020, Hyundai Motor Company released the ‘XCIENT Fuel Cell’ a hydrogen-electric truck.

The XCIENT Fuel Cell, the world’s first hydrogen-powered truck to be sold to customers through mass production will open a new paradigm for global transportation.

All about ‘XCIENT Fuel Cell’ – a present-day REALITY

The activation of the hydrogen economy
is expected to bring forth
enormous economic benefits
as well as great environment-friendly
values that
cannot be calculated at a set price.

Dependency on the carbon economy will ease with the growth of the
hydrogen economy.
By 2050, the emission of CO2 is expected to
drop by 6 billion tons a year.

The wide use of hydrogen energy will reduce pollution
and realize sustainable growth.

The development of sustainable environment-friendly
energy is a challenge that cannot be delayed.