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Our vision for the future

Hyundai Motor Company is

striving to provide freedom
movement to everyone
investing in mobility
by building close

relationships with leading

mobility service providers

and expanding our role

beyond the automotive

transportation sector.

The company will play a pivotal role in
global society’s transition to
clean energy
by helping make hydrogen an
economically viable
energy source.

Hydrogen fuel cell-powered

trucks generate absolutely

zero emissions. This clean

technology is going to

transform our cities, our

roads, and the way we live

and drive.

H. A single letter

Hyundai has taken another big step toward a “Hydrogen Society”
by the world’s 1st mass-produced eco-friendly

zero-emissions hydrogen-powered heavy duty truck, “XCIENT Fuel Cell” for the
benefit of both mankind and the environment.

Meet our new paradigm brought forth by hydrogen energy.

Our Vision

Progress for Humanity

Our idea of future mobility is based on the strong commitment that we give to society.

We are here to do the right thing, for humanity.

Our focus on humanity means we understand what people want in life.
To get the most out of the time we have.

We understand that time is the most precious commodity of all,
the one thing money can’t buy.

That is why life is not just about spending time, it’s all about time well spent.

Our purpose is to reinvent the 24 hours that we are all equally given into quality time,
making every moment truly worthwhile and rewarding.

This is our future mobility.

It’s not about going from A to B, its about.

Connecting people with moments that truly matter.

Brand Identity

A New Brand Identity for Hyundai Truck & Bus

Hyundai Truck & Bus, which has long been an industry leader in Korea, has recently updated its brand, with
a new slogan and brand identity, making an exciting new beginning. Great effort was made to convey
Hyundai Motor Company’s dedication to ensuring the future success of our customers through strong teamwork
and collaboration within Hyundai Motor Company and with customers.

Brand Slogan

Partner in Every Way
“A true partner in all aspects of your business, in every way you go”

Hyundai Motor Company CV Division strives to become indispensable; to understand customers and their business needs.
Our customers are the CEOs of businesses big and small and we aim to go beyond being just a provider of vehicles.
We will work side by side with our hard-working customers and help them achieve their business goals.
Hyundai Motor Company CV Division will grow its business by creating synergy with our customers and helping them grow.


Hyundai Motor Company CV Division is proactive and forward-thinking.

Hyundai Motor Company CV Division swiftly responds to customer needs and,
based on its spirit of undertaking new challenges,
creates synergy by collaborating with experts in various fields.


Hyundai Motor Company CV Division is a reliable brand.

Hyundai Motor Company CV Division produces sturdy vehicles that are easy to drive,
and is a business partner that provides comprehensive care for optimal customer convenience.


Hyundai Motor Company CV Division strives to advance and remain at the
forefront of the automotive industry. Based on its future-leading technologies,
Hyundai Motor Company CV Division offers innovative and professional commercial
vehicle solutions that make customers proud.