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Core Values

The core values instilled in the hearts of all members of
Hyundai are the driving force that
realizes our management
philosophy and achieves our vision.

  • Customer

  • Challenge

  • Collaboration

  • People

  • Globality


Progress for Humanity

We believe progress only becomes meaningful
when it is connected with a deep sense of humanity.
Humanity unites us, makes us stronger.
It guides us in our investments and drives our innovations.
It’s these principles that we live by, allowing us to strengthen our relationships, feel connected and get more from life.

We are here to do the right thing, for humanity.


Realize the dream of mankind by
creating a new future through
ingenious thinking and continuously
challenging new frontiers


Connecting People
with Quality Time

Our purpose is to reinvent the 24 hours that we are equally given into quality time,
making every moment truly worthwhile and rewarding.
This our future mobility.
It’s not about going from A to B,
it’s about the moments that truly matter.
Connecting people with quality time.