Hydrogen and Hyundai.
Progress for the future.

Take a big step into the future with Hyundai and hydrogen power—
the driving force behind our new and revolutionary XCIENT Fuel Cell truck.

Hydrogen is the fuel of the future and is good news for our planet:
It‘s incomparably clean, safe, and renewable. And best of all, hydrogen supplies are practically limitless,
making it the perfect solution for trucking and sustainable, zero-emissions mobility.


The heart of the XCIENT Fuel Cell is its powerful fuel cell — a twin array of 90 kW stacks — that delivers 180 kW of pure, clean power and a driving range of 400 km with improved durability.
XCIENT Fuel Cell requires less time to recharge, you’ll be back up and running in a short time. And it‘s safe.

The bulletproof hydrogen storage tanks have multiple levels of protection to safeguard them against accidental leaks and punctures.
And perhaps the most beautiful feature of all is the fuel cell stack that produces only a single byproduct — pure H2O.

Special satisfaction of driving green

Greater mileage

Over 400km in real-world conditions
You can drive XCIENT Fuel Cell confidently all-day long knowing it averages over 400 km on a single charge.

Higher efficiency

Flexible operation to meet driver needs
XCIENT Fuel Cell can travel a long distance with a short refueling time, providing the efficiency and flexibility that drivers need.

Big savings

Eco and cost-friendly
Unlike diesel engine vehicles, XCIENT Fuel Cell does not require urea and engine oil which saves operational costs.

Stress-free driving

Quieter daily driving
XCIENT Fuel Cell generates minimal levels of noise and vibration for smoother operation and reduced stress and fatigue.

Technology & Performance

With its short recharging time and field-proven operation in Switzerland where it has boasted
a range over 400 km on a single charge, XCIENT Fuel Cell has set the standard for eco-friendly driving efficiency.
Its field-proven fuel stack is compact, efficient, and more capable than ever.

High-tech hydrogen system

Carry more per trip.
Suitable for any business.

Selectable line-up

With a choice of the 4x2 or 6x2, you can choose the model that best fits your business.

Lighter weight

The lighter cabin weight realizes increased cargo capacity and better driving efficiency.

Load more

Reductions in the cabin weight and new features that protect against overloading help facilitate maximum carrying capacity.


XCIENT Fuel Cell makes no compromises in safety matters. Active and passive safety systems provide comprehensive, all-around protection.
The new ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) is the driver‘s best friend that works proactively to keep you out of trouble.

Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC)

On detecting wheel slippage, VDC stabilizes the vehicle by automatically regulating torque output and braking individual wheels, thus helping the driver maintain directional control and reducing the risk of a rollover.

Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist (FCA)

FCA automatically applies the brakes whenever it detects the risk of a collision with a pedestrian, vehicle, or cyclist.

Lane Departure Warning (LDW)

On detecting an unintentional lane departure, the system warns the driver by sending vibrations through the steering wheel.

Smart Cruise Control (SCC)

SCC maintains the speed preset by the driver and ensures that you are always a safe distance away from the vehicle ahead.

Easy Hill Start System (EHS)

EHS prevents the vehicle from rolling back when starting on steep slopes, providing safe and easy driving.

Improved crash safety

When the unavoidable does happen, power is automatically cut off to the high voltage cables, and the hydrogen tank is shut off to minimize the risk of electric shock and secondary events.

How to Operate

Consumers use services and operate hydrogen vehicles in the form of ‘Pay-Per-Use’.
*This pay-per-use plan includes fuel refueling, service charge, two-year warranty and six-year replacement (fuel cell, high voltage battery only).


Find the information about the tyres which come with your XCIENT Fuel Cell

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Actual models and specifications may be different by region.


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